Hi, I am Nizar Birch.

First and foremost, I am a dog enthusiast. I have two dogs of my own, both of them English Cocker Spaniels. I see my craft of photography as a fine art and consequently look for the character and personality of the dogs that I photograph. 

Your beloved dog will be photographed in an environment where it is relaxed and enjoying the project as a fun occasion. These natural environments can be in the countryside or in an interesting architectural setting, or in their own home. Before the shoot I will have a play session with the dog as I like to get to know my subjects before I photograph them. Their personalities are as varied as a humans' but have the distinction of being totally sincere; consequently, I have enormous respect for every dog I photograph. 

I work from the Maidstone area but travel throughout Kent and East Sussex to take memorable photographs of our best friends, displaying their natural behaviour. Taking photographs that will enshrine your dog’s personality and provide timeless memories. 

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